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Meet The Artist - Elbridge Sheridan Gordon

September 12, 1928 – May 9, 2012 


Elbridge Gordon was born in Sheridan, Oregon, September 12, 1928, but grew up on a farm in Beaverton, Oregon. Rural farm life played a key role in his early appreciation for nature, which is evident in many of his landscape paintings today. 

In the words of the late artist:

“You cannot help but see the diversity of nature in our islands, from the cacti  and cropping boulders out on our arid points; to our lush tropical gardens comprised of banana groves and flowering trees. Nature is art! ”   ~ Elbridge Gordon 

A well-accomplished artist and former art department director and teacher; Elbridge Gordon studied at the University of Oregon, Mexico City College, the California College of Arts and Crafts, and New York University. He ultimately received his Masters in Fine Arts.  Thereafter, he taught at a troubled youth program in Bronx, New York, as well as graduate students at the University of 

South Carolina.  He eventually settled in the Virgin Islands in 1965 to teach, paint, and enjoy island life. 


His time in the Virgin Islands was spent mostly as an innovative teacher and art department head at Wayne Aspinall Jr. High School. Elbridge successfully revamped the art department into a dynamic hub of concentrated activity and influence. During these years, he also continued to practice and refine his craft, exhibiting locally, and participating in community art programs and events.  His work has also been displayed nationally and internationally, in venues across San Francisco, Portland, New York City, Atlanta, the Carolinas, Columbia, and Mexico City. 

Above all, Elbridge was beloved by many dear friends, countless art students in the community and his only daughter, Shenell Gordon.  He had a vibrancy and zest for life, as well as a creatively critical mindset. He spent the winter of his years painting tropical landscapes that surrounded him. He was able to find beauty in the 

simplest of things, especially the imperfections and profundity of nature.  His non-intrusive style and highly artistic eye, captured memories we will forever treasure.

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